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App mit viel Info

Funktioniert zuverlässig und bietet umfangreiche Informationen

Lots if fun

If youve e ever looked at a plane in the sky and wondered what kind of place that is our where it came from or where its going, you can have fun with this app. Ive seen some meaningful updates since I began using the app. I wish text was larger but a lot of fun.

Very good

I love this app. I live in Las Vegas and under the flight path with this app I can tell which planes are getting close and its pretty much spot on. I love it.

Love this App!

This app is great and has only improved over time.




Super apps!

Great app!!

This app is fantastic. Worth every penny.

Plane finders

Like everything this app has I use it all the time because Im near 2 airports.Also near Boeing where 777 ,747,and787 s are built..

After a ton of research...

Edit: I gave this four stars (reasons below) but after using it for a day, I have found no less than 6 flights that when looked up have completely incorrect departure and arrival cities. But when checking a free app by flight aware its right 100% of the time. For a paid app Im disappointed in the lack of detail and quality. I downloaded and researched 4 flight tracking apps. All had their highlights, even some free ones that hold their own. But I chose this one because of all the current features of iOS, watchOS and tvOS they support. By far the best at that by a long shot. Feedback: I would like to ask 2 things. 1) when you click on the route icon it should show traveled and yet to be traveled. So the "complete line" from departure to destination. 2) add an option to overlay weather on the maps. But great job and keep supporting all the new and best features!


Great app, really enjoy tracking the planes. Tracked a family flight clear across the world with no problems.

Plane Finder ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

Molto interessante e valido, abbastanza preciso, spettacolare. Forse sarebbe da aggiungere qualche notizia in più sui vettori, come la distribuzione dei posti, sulla piantina dellaeromobile!!!!!!!!✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ . Per il resto bene!!!!!!!!

Great value

I use this app all the time and love it! And its a great conversation piece sitting around the campfire or while at the office

I can Fly

Im a pilot and being one means that whenever a plane flys overhead, I cant help but to look up and wonder "What type plane is it and where are they going?" This app with a little imagination can put me in the cockpit. There are a few problems with tracking the international flights that cross the Atlantic once they come into the "Grey area" after passing the Moncton airspace. But still lots of fun especially sharing with non-pilot friends.

Great! (though... )

Love this app. Well worth the money (and I dont buy apps lightly). Im on a major flight path, and love knowing who/what is overhead. Yes, there is some lag, slight flight misplacement, non-reported craft, or other. But I chalk that up to the source data and not the apps interpretation. I dont use the VR (I carry a compass instead).

Einfach super wenn man sich für Flugzeuge interessiert.

Vielleicht für die Zukunft könnte man die Flughöhe durch das Flugzeug-Symbol farbig darstellen.

voli indicati

a volte mancano voli di normale linea e giorno che non risultano indicati ed io ci volavo ripeto : stesso problema settebre 2016 mancacano i voli di linea normali Stessp problema ott 2016


Sympathique un avion dans le ciel bleu Hop On sait où il va d où il vient Bref j aime !! PAS utile tous les jours mais Ca bluff sont monde !!!

Great app!

Very fun! Were right in the flight path to DFW so its great to track planes going over head and now knowing where their coming from, and where their going ! My only complaint is it freezes up sometimes.


Mit fehlen die Ortsnamen! Sonst super!40

More accurate and up too date

I love to know exactly what plane is flying over me, how old it is, where its travelling , altitude, speed and even its recent history. The detailed info from this app tells me everything I want to know.

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