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Plane Finder

Fantastic, hours of fun for the avid plane buff


Great app,plane watching will never be the same,all the info is great and easy to understand,makes watching planes fly over the house even more interesting


Very important to travellers...

Very Good

Better than Flight Radar

AirPort SDU, on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazilians want to see the SDU airport on the map!


The city of Sao Paulo is down

Al love it


Very cool App

Very cool app.. Love it

Great app

Love seeing where the plane im am currently seeing is going and where its been in the past.

Timing off a bit!

I live in Winnipeg and I find the aircraft are a bit off on position and in time? Otherwise...not a bad app..

you want to see where your family exactly is???

The best app ever plane finder

Great App

Excellent app, extremely accurate. Great if you like to travel or just as hobby seeing flight path, air traffic, air craft specifications and understanding aviation.

Nice app!

I have downloaded a couple similar app but plane finder is the only one that actualy works.

Great App

I love to track my familys adventures.


Just love it, very accurate

Excellent, Informative, Very Detailed

Same as above

Poor layout of the earth

The lay out of the map does a poor job of explaining why flights are routed through the North over Yukon Territory and Alaska. These planes look as if they are taking a wide detour but in reality they are traveling a straight line to Asia. Please fix by offering a different view of the earth, or use real maps.

Plane Finder

Always wondered what I was looking at and where they were off to. Occasionally, some Regional flights are being mis-identified as a national carrier. Aside from that, enjoy the app very much.


Accurate, worldwide, and great filtering options.

Use it lots

I use it every day. Tons of information and interesting.

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